The innovative Flexispike
The running surface of the Flexispike is flexible, and adapts to unevenness or obstacles in the substrate. Due to the flexing of the wheel, the contact area is always at a maximum. There are several sprockets permanently engaged that provide for the transmission of power. This allows Flexispike to provide ideal support. The self-cleaning effect is proven to be optimal due to the sprocket shape and arrangement.

Steel tip

Low-wear, hardened steel tip. The shape of the steel tip is stepped so that there is a compromise between the point and the butt. In addition, the steel tip has an integrated shoulder which serves as wear protection. The tips are screwed and therefore easily replaceable.



The spike has a cambered shape for good penetration and extension behavior. Wear-optimized design of the hollow bodies in the plastic spike, which can be replaced individually.


Spines arrangement

Good compromise for concentricity on paved surfaces. Due to the spike spacing and arrangement, power transmission is ensured as several / different spikes are engaged.



Intermittent deflection of the belt in the event of obstacles, so that other spikes engage in the ground. The property is also given at low machine weight.

Technical data

  • Width
    426 mm - 622 mm
  • Size
    7" - 11"
  • Row
    4 - 6 row
  • Compatibility
    Aebi, Brielmaier, Ibex, Köppl, Rapid
  • Press-in depth
    58 mm - 170 mm